If you need to reduce your household spending, we’ve developed the DIY Nous method for you to follow.

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The DIY Nous method

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Name your providers

Make a list of every recurring bill to your household providers (check your direct debits, standing orders and even card and Paypal transactions). If you want a head start, the free forecast at Nous.co will automatically identify your providers and recurring monthly bills.

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Out of contract?

For each category, check if you’re out of contract with your provider or not. If you’re still in contract, make a note of when it ends. If you’re out of contract, you’re probably paying more than you need to, so it’s a priority category for the next step.

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Use our category guide to save money

We’ve created a guide to help you evaluate each category and decide if you can cancel or reduce, then renegotiate or switch provider to save money. Go category by category, and remember to start with those already out of contract.

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Set reminders to stay on top

Use calendar reminders, a spreadsheet, or consider a managed service like Nous to keep track of providers and contracts. That way you can always act in time to avoid being stung by unexpected price hikes.

Saving money by category

Saving money on energy

Saving money on your mortgage

Saving money on water

Saving money on mobile

Saving money on fuel

Saving money on car insurance

Saving money on home insurance

Saving money on Sky TV and Virgin Media

Saving money on TV streaming

Saving money on broadband

Saving money on music streaming

If you are struggling

The rising cost of living has already affected millions of households and if you’re struggling to pay essential bills, you’re not alone.

Some households may need urgent or more specialist help than we can provide. If you’re unable to pay a bill, the first step is to contact your provider and tell them. They are best placed to make sure you are receiving any financial assistance you may be entitled to.

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Last updated: Aug 2023

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