As part of the DIY Nous method for saving money on household utilities, this is a step-by-step approach after you have named your TV provider and double-checked the terms of your contract with them.

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Can I cancel this service?

Most streaming TV subscriptions can be cancelled on a monthly basis, so you’re effectively always out of contract, and it’s generally easy to cancel them online. If you’re cancelling an unwanted subscription and others in the household use the account, it’s a good idea to change your password afterwards – the account often stays active and they make it all too easy to reactivate.

Can I reduce this service?

Some TV subscription services have tiers and some people may be on a higher tier unnecessarily. We’ve focused on Netflix as it’s the most common, but most of the advice applies across providers.

The premium Netflix tier costs £15.99 and is the same as the standard tier at £10.99 a month – the only extras are watching on 4 screens at the same time (rather than 2) and having ultra HD. Living without that saves £60 a year. Going from premium to basic (£6.99 a month), where you can only watch on one screen at a time and not in HD, saves £108 a year versus the premium tier.

How to save money

As a general rule there are no savings to make by negotiating on TV subscription services, but you can find discounts. With Netflix, you can get a discount if you also have Sky and you purchase your Netflix subscription with your Sky account. You could also buy a gift card for a discount and then pay for Netflix with it, but that’s quite a lot of effort.

If you have multiple streaming services, consider rotating them around so you only pay for one at a time. You can then binge watch certain shows and cancel them once you’ve caught up.

Changes can usually be made from their websites.

If you are struggling

The rising cost of living has already affected millions of households and if you’re struggling to pay essential bills, you’re not alone.

Some households may need urgent or more specialist help than we can provide. If you’re unable to pay a bill, the first step is to contact your provider and tell them. They are best placed to make sure you are receiving any financial assistance you may be entitled to.

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Last updated: August 2022