As part of the DIY Nous method for saving money on household utilities, this is a step-by-step approach after you have named your TV provider and double-checked the terms of your contract with them.

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Can I cancel this service?

If you’re in contract, cancelling all or part of your service could result in early termination charges, depending on the package you have. Cancelling or making changes can be done for free once your initial contract is over, and generally requires one month’s notice.

Both Sky and Virgin Media are known to increase prices at the end of the initial contract term, meaning customers can pay significantly more over time for the same service. If you’re out of contract, it’s likely you’re paying more than you need to, and cancelling, reducing or renegotiating are all options worth thinking through.

Can I reduce this service?

Sky and Virgin Media’s complicated TV bundles mean you can easily end up paying for things you don’t need. Check the add ons and bundles you have against the channels you actually watch – you may no longer need such an extensive package.

Many of Sky and Virgin Media’s most popular channels are available elsewhere for cheaper. NowTV, actually owned by Sky, could be a great alternative. They offer one-month rolling contracts for Now Entertainment, Now Cinema and Now Sports, so you can choose the package most suited to you without a long term commitment.

BT Sports is available on a monthly plan, so is a good choice for football, rugby, cricket and lots more without having to sign up for a long-term contract.

How to save money

Renegotiating at the end of your contract could save you money and can be done with one phone call to the provider to say you’re considering leaving. Bear in mind this does mean signing to a new minimum contract term.

To have the best chance of success:

  1. Benchmark your current package against what a new customer gets:

    Virgin Media: Broadband Deals | Home Broadband Packages - Virgin Media

    Sky TV: Latest Sky TV deals for new customers |

  2. Call customer services and choose the option “if you’re thinking of leaving” using the contact details there

If you’re in contract, keep a note of when your contract is due to finish so you can make a change to it if you need to.

Moneysavingexpert have guides on how to haggle with Sky and Virgin Media to get a better deal:

Contacting Sky